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Escape Rooms


Escape Rooms 2-16 pers.

Are you up for a challenge?

Are you looking excitement and adventure? Escape the daily hustle and bustle at Escaping Rotterdam. Our Escape Rooms are for real thrillseekers and brainiacs.

Escaping Rotterdam has two escape rooms on the ship de Zwarte Zwaan. Each Escape Room is suitable for a maximum of 8 persons. Are you with more than 8 persons? Book both of the Escape Rooms on the same time, so all the players can escape on the same time!

Combine the Escape Room easily with one of the fun attractions of Zwarte Zwaan Events! After escaping, stay on board for a drink or dinner, explore the adventure with laser tag or RIB sailing or discover Rotterdam with Splashtours or the Pancake Boat.

The Engine Room

Lights out, bomb on! As soon as the door of The Engine Room opens you leave everything behind. The bomb is ticking. The bomb is located in the engine room of a submarine.

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  • Per Escape Room: € 99,00

The Office

The Office is a Break-In-Room. Sneak into the office of shipping magnate Van Beuningen. Look within 60 minutes for the incriminating evidence to prove that you have been scammed by Van Beuningen.

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  • Per Escape Room: € 99,00

Escape Room & Drinks

drinks & snacks - splashtours - escaping rotterdam - borrel

Cheers to the escape from The Engine Room during a drink at restaurant De zwarte Zwaan. The restaurant is located in the same building, so you can directly raise a glass.

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  • Per person: € 8,00

Escape Room & Unlimited grill menu

Discuss the tasks and cooperation while enjoying a drink and a delicious dinner after the bomb in the escape room was dismantled.

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  • Per person: € 24,50
  • Per Escape Room: € 99,00

Escape Room & Laser Tag

lasergamen - lasergame rotterdam - splashtours

Lasergame and Escaping is the ideal getaway! The Engine Room is in the arena of Lasergame Rotterdam. Drink after playing the escape room a drink in the cozy bar.

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  • Per person: € 18,50
  • Per Escape Room: € 99,00

Escape Room & Splashtours

Combine a visit to The Engine Room with Splashtours. Step into the amphibious before or after playing the escape room.

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  • Per person: € 27,50
  • Per Escape Room: € 99,00

Escape Room & Pancake Boat

Pannenkoeken - Pannenkoekenboot - Splashtours

The Pancake Boat Rotterdam is situated on the same quay as Escaping Rotterdam. So you can get quickly from the escape room on board the Pancake Boat Rotterdam.

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  • Per person: € 19,50
  • Per Escape Room: € 99,00

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