Escape Experience & Pancake Cruise


Per person:

Escape Experience & Pancake Cruise €45,00

All prices are inclusive VAT


The Pannenkoekenboot Rotterdam is located on the same quay as Escaping Rotterdam. So, after playing the Escape Experience, you can easily board the Pannenkoekenboot Rotterdam.

During the cruise on the Maas you have time to evaluate the strategy in the Escape Room. Did you work well together? Enjoy beautiful views of the ports and city. From the water you can see a piece of the largest transhipment port in Europe. You can see large (container) ships, cranes and other parts of the port, among other things.

This arrangement is inclusive:
  • Escape Experience 60 minutes
  • 75 minute cruise including all-you-can-eat pancakes (excluding drinks)
  • The Escape Experience takes a maximum of 60 minutes
  • We kindly request you to arrive 20 minutes prior to the event, otherwise there is a chance that you can not play.
  • We will contact you once you have made a request
The Pancake Boat

During the cruise you can eat an unlimited amounts from the extensive pancake buffet. From the cupboard you choose between a natural pancake, with apple or with bacon. Then cover the pancake with brie, fruit, sprinkles, ham or whatever you like. The buffet is full of tasty things to invest in your pancake.


The Escape Experience can be combined well with other packages. There is a restaurant on Parkhaven and various activities are starting. This makes the Escape Experience quick and easy to expand with, for example, another activity, a dinner or a drink. We are happy to think along with you!


We recommend that you reserve the Escape Experience and Pancake Cruise in time. Make a request and we will contact you as soon as possible.


The location of the Escape Experience is on the Parkhaven 9 across from the Euromast (navigation Parhaven 20). The Pancake Boat is located next to restaurant De Zwarte Zwaan.



If you wish to pay by invoice and your group is smaller than 20 persons, we will charge € 25,- administration fee.

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