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What is an escape room

In The Netherlands you see that the escape rooms keep expanding. A real hype that has blown over from Japan. There Are now in The Netherlands almost 120 rooms you can visit.

key-512165_960_720, escape roomThe idea of ​​a Escape room is easy. You are locked inside of a room and you need to try to escape the room within a certain time. You play in a room like it were a real live exit game. You play one with a group of friends or colleagues, for example. The room often has a theme. There are escape rooms with many different themes such as the girls room, James bond, a prison or in the case of Escaping Rotterdam a ticking time bomb in The Engine Room of a submarine. It’s supposed to be by riddles, puzzles and clues to escape out of the room or to escape by dismantling the bomb.

The escape room was really known when there was spoken about it at the Dutch tv program De Wereld Draait Door (the world keeps turning). There are people out there that make a sport of it by visiting every room in The Netherlands and even rooms abroad.

The escape room  is mostly suitable to play for persons over 18 years of age. Sometimes there is also a variant for children who also want to play an escape room. In addition, a room for men, women, the elderly and young people is possible. Anyone who enters a room step under the spell of the mission.

The concept of the escape room comes from the game world. There are quite popular escaping games or exit games. In the room you swap that virtual reality for an actual experience. It is therefore also great to play an escaping game. It’s like you really just completely disappear in a game.

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