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Escape Experience 20-50 pers.

The most exciting group outing in Rotterdam!

Groups of 20 persons or more can now also experience the escape sensation! The Escape Experience is the way to get started with a large group.

The Escape Experience is ideal for group outings, corporate events, bachelor parties, family days and team building! Make the outing complete and combine the Escape Experience easily with a drink, lunch, dinner or one of the other fun activities of Zwarte Zwaan Events!

Is your group bigger than 50 persons? Even then you can go to Escaping Rotterdam! We are happy to make a tailor-made program especially for your group.


Escape Experience & Segway

Have you successfully dismantled the bomb in the Escape Experience of Escaping Rotterdam? Then it feels like you can handle the whole world. Then step on a Segway and move through Rotterdam with confidence.

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  • Per person: €73,00

Escape Experience & Pancake Cruise

The Pannenkoekenboot Rotterdam is located on the same quay as Escaping Rotterdam. So, after playing the Escape Experience, you can easily board the Pannenkoekenboot Rotterdam.

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  • Per person: €45,00

Escape Experience & RIB- experience

Do you want to use the speed of the RIB to see even more of Rotterdam? During an experience of 30 minutes you see the highlights along the oh-so-beautiful skyline and you get to know the ports. You can see the industrial side of Rotterdam.

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  • Per person: €64,00

Escape Experience & Splashtours

Combine a visit to an Escape Experience with Splashtours. Step into the Splashtours amphibian bus before or after playing the escape room. After a tour through the city, you can take the bus and all into the Maas. Fortunately the amphibious bus just floats and does not turn into a submarine.

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  • Per person: €51,00

Escape Experience & Drinks

Cheers on the escape after the Escape Experience during a pleasant drink at restaurant De Zwarte Zwaan. The restaurant is in the same building so you can raise the glass immediately!

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  • Per person: €40,00

Escape Experience

The Escape Experience is an Escape Room specially developed for groups. Do you find any clues to open the box? Work together, find clues, solve puzzles and find codes.

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  • Per person: € 25,50
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